Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sex Like a Man

Sex like a man is good, clean (dirty?) exercise with a bonus. This is best with a man who says he wants no strings and means it or with a cad. That was great, now get out of here. No worries about breaking his heart, or mine, because I know better than to care (Freudian and sick on so many levels). But, then, there is no emotional satisfaction there.

I love a sensitive, romantic man, but that gets so complicated. Too sensitive is too much responsibility. Too dependent is much too much responsibility...I want to be a lover, not a mother (Edipus anyone?).

I need a strong man who won't let me run all over him, because I could, yet I like to have my own way. Isn't there such a thing as meeting in the middle? Haven't encountered it as yet.

I suppose the reason I haven't found the ONE is that there is no such animal. I like a variety of flavors in my jelly bean bowl.

Maybe it's not that I'm unlovable, but that I am unable to love or unable to commit. Maybe I should be committed! Until they catch me, I'll continue to stumble through, doing it my own way. Gotta be free. Gotta be me.

I'm an acquired taste, like Scotch and oysters. And like those two tasty treats, too much of me can make one sick.

I'm pretty screwed artist, after all...but I'm happy...I think! Aren't I? I dunno...

I simply don't get why men don't understand us women...


  1. Why men dont understand women ? I have my theories on that ;-) gotta love a woman who loves sex though

  2. Way to General .....

    Why Don't PEOPLE understand People ....

    Gotta understand to "LOVE"
    Love is not "LUST"