Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Not So Innocent," An Erotic Romance

An erotic romp with sensuous, lusty, young Angela Strom in 1975 Atlanta, Georgia, USA, "Not So Innocent" is so like a striptease, burning and building to the reveal. The twenty-something woman or she who fondly recalls being twenty-something raves, reliving her own lust, desire and discovery through Angela. The romantic man identifies and wallows in the erotica.

"Not So Innocent," Linda Bergen. ISBN: 1-60610-845-X,, B&

Synopsis: In the fall of 1975, I was twenty, bored with my receptionist job and sick of dating socially clumsy boys my age. I wanted a real man. At the gym, my girlfriends, Susan and Reggie, and I noticed a sexy hunk from my office. Who knew that bod was hiding under his suit? Although I knew that Nick Sterling was married, I seduced him relentlessly, amused by my power and unaware of the danger of the game. Disapproving of my new hobby, Susan and Reggie asked their beaus to find a man for me among their soccer buddies. Antonio Perelli wa seven years my senior, suave, handsome, muscular, successful and absolutely dreamy. I fell for Tony, possibly getting in over my head. I perceived myself as not so innocent, but found that I had a lot to learn about lust and love. The Atlanta winter was cold, but I sizzled.
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