Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Not So Innocent," An Erotic Romance

An erotic romp with sensuous, lusty, young Angela Strom in 1975 Atlanta, Georgia, USA, "Not So Innocent" is so like a striptease, burning and building to the reveal. The twenty-something woman or she who fondly recalls being twenty-something raves, reliving her own lust, desire and discovery through Angela. The romantic man identifies and wallows in the erotica.

"Not So Innocent," Linda Bergen. ISBN: 1-60610-845-X,, B&

Synopsis: In the fall of 1975, I was twenty, bored with my receptionist job and sick of dating socially clumsy boys my age. I wanted a real man. At the gym, my girlfriends, Susan and Reggie, and I noticed a sexy hunk from my office. Who knew that bod was hiding under his suit? Although I knew that Nick Sterling was married, I seduced him relentlessly, amused by my power and unaware of the danger of the game. Disapproving of my new hobby, Susan and Reggie asked their beaus to find a man for me among their soccer buddies. Antonio Perelli wa seven years my senior, suave, handsome, muscular, successful and absolutely dreamy. I fell for Tony, possibly getting in over my head. I perceived myself as not so innocent, but found that I had a lot to learn about lust and love. The Atlanta winter was cold, but I sizzled.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sex Like a Man

Sex like a man is good, clean (dirty?) exercise with a bonus. This is best with a man who says he wants no strings and means it or with a cad. That was great, now get out of here. No worries about breaking his heart, or mine, because I know better than to care (Freudian and sick on so many levels). But, then, there is no emotional satisfaction there.

I love a sensitive, romantic man, but that gets so complicated. Too sensitive is too much responsibility. Too dependent is much too much responsibility...I want to be a lover, not a mother (Edipus anyone?).

I need a strong man who won't let me run all over him, because I could, yet I like to have my own way. Isn't there such a thing as meeting in the middle? Haven't encountered it as yet.

I suppose the reason I haven't found the ONE is that there is no such animal. I like a variety of flavors in my jelly bean bowl.

Maybe it's not that I'm unlovable, but that I am unable to love or unable to commit. Maybe I should be committed! Until they catch me, I'll continue to stumble through, doing it my own way. Gotta be free. Gotta be me.

I'm an acquired taste, like Scotch and oysters. And like those two tasty treats, too much of me can make one sick.

I'm pretty screwed artist, after all...but I'm happy...I think! Aren't I? I dunno...

I simply don't get why men don't understand us women...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dominatrix Wrapped in Fox

Vik had just come in from tagging trees in -10 degree weather. It got pretty cold in the forest of western Canada. The dogs hurried to curl up by the fire and Vik took a hot shower.

As he entered the great room, knotting his robe, he heard a knock at the door. Vik was startled, as he expected no one on this cold, dark night twenty-eight miles from town. He went to the large, rough-hewn wooden door and opened it.

On the doorstep stood a beautiful woman with alabaster skin, rosy from the cold, and long auburn hair that cascaded over the turned up collar of a long fox coat.

"Mary Beth," she said, sheepishly. "I was following you in the woods this afternoon, watching you work. I’m afraid I got lost and it’s too dark to find my way back now. Can I come inside?"

Still stunned by the surprise visitor, Vik swung the door open. "I’m Vik. Of course, come on in. Warm yourself by the fire and I’ll get us some tea," he said, gesturing toward the big stone fireplace. He closed the door and watched as the fur-enveloped woman sashayed across the room. While she huddled at the fire, he went to the kitchen for the tea.

Vik returned with two mugs and stopped short. "What the fuck?" he muttered, seeing Mary Beth standing at the hearth, her coat puddled around her ankles. She wore only a black lace bra and thong panties. Her luminous pale skin glowed in the fire light. Mary Beth was a tiny woman, but she certainly didn’t lack just the right curves.

Turning to Vik and grinning, Mary Beth said, "I guess I got warm. I'm absolutely toasty now."

Vik strode over and handed the woman a mug. "Cream?" he asked, trying to keep his composure.

"Not yet," she giggled. "But soon, I hope."

Getting the obvious inuendo, Vik took the mug from her and set both on the mantle. Mary Beth untied his robe and spread it open, stroking his muscular chest and smiling appreciatively as her eyes locked on Vik’s stiff cock. She stepped in and pressed her bare belly against his erection. The dogs fled the hearth, seeming to sense what was about to happen.

Vik shed his robe while Mary Beth spread her fur coat on the hearth floor and sat down on it. "Come here to me, is Vik, isn’t it?"

"Urm...Vik, yes, Vik," he muttered, almost forgetting his own name, as he dropped to his knees between Mary Beth’s legs. Gently stroking her inner thighs, he looked into her eyes to see if she objected. The yearning there told him that she didn’t. He pushed her back onto the satin lining of her coat and extended his body over hers, resting his weight on her tender body, and she pulled his head down for a hungry kiss. They devoured each other like starving animals, tongues lashing into mouths, teeth biting lips, thrashing and groping.

Mary Beth unhooked the front of her black lace bra and pealed it back, pushing Vik’s head down to feast. Vik rested on his elbows and gathered her breasts in his two hands, squeezing and licking and moaning. He sucked first one nipple and then the other, biting them until they were hard as acorns and as red as the fire light. Mary Beth’s head reeled as she moaned and squealed.

"Lick me, please," she whispered, pushing Vik’s head down her body. He complied like the gentleman that he was. Vik grasped the sides of the black satin thong and pulled it off with one swift motion, the woman raising her hips to assist. He gently stroked the smooth, waxed mound with the fingers of one hand, ruffling the little tuft of hair above her clit.

"That’s my handle," she giggled. "Go ahead and pull it. It won’t hurt. It feels good," she told him, spreading her knees wide.

Vik tugged at the tuft of hair, stretching Mary Beth’s pussy upward and revealing her swollen pink clit, ready for the taking. Immediately his mouth was upon it, biting and sucking until the woman screamed, "My God! Oh, my God!" and she came, squirting a tiny fountain into the air. Vik jumped. He had never experienced this before. "Oops, sorry," she apologized. "Sometimes I do that. I can't help it."

Wiping the squirt from his cheek, Vik said, "It’s okay. I think that’s a good thing."

"Well, don’t stop now!" she ordered. And he bent again and licked her gash...long, lavish licks that made her coo and raise her hips again and again in rhythm with his laps. Vik’s tongue breached her labia and shot into her cunt...deep into her soft, hot, wet cunt...exploring the heavenly cave. He withdrew and inserted his long fingers, thumbing the swollen clit. Mary Beth grabbed his wrist and pumped his hand in and out of her. "That’s wonderful," she panted.

Vik withdrew his hand and started to mount her. But she surprised him, pushing him off of her and onto his back. "I’m going to be in charge now," she said, pulling a handful of rope from the pocket of the coat beneath them. He allowed her to tie his wrists together, but protested mildly when she anchored the ends of the rope to the heavy wire basket full of fire wood beyond his head. He was helpless. All he could do was watch.

The visitor wrapped in fox fur had become a dominatrix! Vik had read about such women, but none of the locals would be so bold. He watched, craning his neck, as Mary Beth kissed and licked his muscular pecs, teasing and nibbling his nipples. She licked his stomach, her tongue riding the roller coaster of the tight muscles there. As she moved down his body, Vik watched her leave ten red trails with her glistening crimson fingernails. Every nerve in his body was on alert. Mary Beth took Vik’s stiff, meaty cock in one hand and gently held his sack with the fingers of the other, tilting her head to lap at the sweet, musky package. Vik could only moan with pleasure as he watched her.

"Ummm...I’m hungry," she growled, placing one palm on his stomach and squeezing his cock with the other. She checked to see that he was watching, smiled and took the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around and around the sweet, smooth helmet and flicking it across it’s eye. Vik wanted to push her head down, but struggled with the rope to no avail. Instead, he raised his hips, hoping to accelerate the process.

The woman smacked his stomach hard. "Hey, I’m in charge, remember. You have to wait." But he didn’t have to wait. She squeezed his cock and licked the head and then took it into her mouth and down her throat, down to the balls. "Oh, shit!" Vik muttered, amazed at the woman’s talents. Her throat made a gurgling sound and he felt his erection jerk.

Mary Beth rose and, grinning, wiped drool from her face with the back of her hand. She stood over her victim, straddling him, and looked down at the helpless man. "Well, cowboy," she snickered. "Now I’m going to ride you." She squatted and fell to her knees, reaching between her legs and grasping the hot, throbbing cock and slipping the head between her labia. She closed her eyes, tossing her head back and moaning as she stroked it back and forth along her slit. "Aaah, that feels good," she whispered.

The gentle man grew impatient. "Fuck me, woman!" he commanded. "Put it in you and fuck me!"

With an evil little laugh, the woman sat back and Vik watched as his huge, stiff cock disappeared into her. The two moaned in unison. Leaning forward, Mary Beth placed her palms on Vik’s chest and rocked forward and back, her plump, pale breasts swaying with the rhythm. His cock moved in and out of her pussy at her will and Vik was helpless to control it, but he enjoyed the fucking he was getting just the same.

Mary Beth rocked faster and faster until, finally, she threw her head back and screamed, "Oh, yes! Yes! YES!" and Vik felt her hot juices flood out of her cunt, down his cock and onto his belly and balls. She pushed herself down on him hard and sat there, looking proud and satisfied, gathering her long auburn hair with both arms and arching her back to stretch.

"Don’t stop now," Vik protested. "I’m on the edge!"

Laughing, Mary Beth said, "Oh, alright. I can do with another, anyway." She leaned forward again bracing herself on Vik’s chest and rode him hard, pumping his cock in and out of her and squeezing it rhythmically with her pussy muscles. She felt his cock begin to twitch inside of her and then the rise of her own ecstacy. She once again sat down hard on his cock and screamed, "Yes! Yeeees! YES!"

Vik growled, "Gawd! Oh, gawd!" Their juices united and gushed out of the woman, soaking them both.

Exhausted, Mary Beth collapsed onto Vik’s chest, kissing his neck and cheek and mouth. "Was it good for you?" she whispered, becoming the gentle woman once again.

"I don’t know," Vik laughed. "Maybe we should try again."

Giggling, the woman hugged his waist and the two of them rolled off of the coat onto the thick sheepskin rug. Mary Beth pulled her fox coat over them, stroked Vik's chest and they slept.


Squinting at the light invading the room through half-open shutters, Vik blinked himself awake. He was laying naked on the sheepskin rug, his hands still bound to the wire basket full of fire wood, and he was alone. There was no woman, no fox fur coat, just the two dogs who had revisited their place near him on the hearth. He rolled over and scrambled to his knees, freeing his hands, and wondered if he would ever see the mysterious Mary Beth again...the dominatrix wrapped in fox.